i don’t know how this happens year in and year out, but thanksgiving crept up on us again! if you know the feeling, don’t fret, there’s still plenty of time to get your orders in for your thanksgiving fete. we’ve limited our menu to the perfect flavors to compliment your families feast.
and just in case the menu alone isn’t enticing enough, here’s a preview of our fall decor.
you might think this holiday is for pie lovers, but let us tell you, there are plenty of cake lovers out there just hoping to have a pumpkin cupcake to chase down their turkey dinner! but don’t forget, we’re closing early on wednesday the 21st. hollywood is closing at 5pm, hermosa beach and belmont shore are closing at 7pm. we’ll be closed thanksgiving day so our teams can celebrate the holiday with their families. let us know your order is for thanksgiving day and we’ll wrap your boxes in saran wrap to help them stay fresh overnight.