here we go again, saying “how is the month already half over?!” the upside to time flying by is the speed at which holidays are hitting us. st. patrick’s day is one of those holidays that can easily sneak up on you. not much prep is involved in ensuring a great time on st. patty’s day. you gotta wear green, easy enough; you gotta find a place to eat corned beef if you’re not great with a crock pot, my favorite part part about this holiday; and if you’ve been to any bar, restaurant or friend’s house, you know you gotta drink a green beer. here’s a little trick to chocking down that last point, get yourself something sweet to chase it down with…that’s where we come in. we’re dressing up a few of our most popular flavors in their luckiest of flare! shamrock sprinkles on our chocolate and vanilla buttercream frostings, green glitter on our coconuts and a shamrock chocolate on our red velvet. everyone’s expecting a watered down green beer, so why not impress them with a new tradition of st. patrick’s day sweets! place a special order today or come in friday or saturday, we’ll have the lucky decor available in our case.