it’s about that time, you’ve just realized valentine’s day is next week! if you’re like me, you’re thinking “i gotta get him/her something sweet that i can enjoy too!” here’s where we come in. starting this thursday, 2/9, we’re going to be adding some extra love to our case, in the form of hearts and more hearts! we’ll have plenty of loving message picks to put in the cupcakes too, there will be one in there for the haters too “valentine’s day sucks” cause sometimes it does.

if you’ve been through a few valentine’s days with us, then you know we limit our menu on valentine’s day in order to keep up with the crowds. if this will be your first with us, now you know! we picked the best sellers and dressed them up in their best date attire. don’t forget to place your order if you don’t want to deal with waiting in line, we’ll be accepting orders through monday, 2/13. wait! almost forgot to tell you, we’ll be selling jumbo red velvet / cream cheese cupcakes in our case the day of valentine’s day for $4.95. normally those are for special order only, but if there was ever a more perfect holiday for a cupcake built for two it would be valentine’s day!


see you tuesday! xo