is it just us, or did this holiday season fly by?! we’ve been in full festive swing all month. we’re so thankful that our customers picked us to celebrate the season with, from gifts to parties, it’s been a really fun month!

we’re rounding out the christmas season friday and saturday with a limited menu with all of our holiday favorites. both locations will be open until 5pm on christmas eve, CLOSED on christmas day.christmas_menu_sign
if you haven’t been in this month to see our holiday decor, here’s a peek!1christmas11
our vanilla and chocolate buttercreams never looked so festive!
gluten-free red velvet looks like a winter wonderland. our customers are loving this new flavor and we couldn’t be happier!GFchristmas11
last, but never least, our hi-tops are even getting into the act! all 3 flavors available saturday!HTchristmas11
if you don’t have time to place an order, don’t fear! we’re going to do our very best to keep up with the crowds and keep our case stocked. happy holidays and thank you so much for all your support and cupcake devotion this year!